22 November 2010

Building a Biz: One week

Isn't it funny how much can change in a week?  A little while ago, I was about to sit down and write a post about what a slow time of year this seems to be for the business, how I'm losing my motivation and how I need to get my painting mojo back. It was a bit of a sad post :(

Only a day or two later, the emails started to roll in...

Over a period of 6 days, I had completed a commission, sold a small dresser with someone on a waitlist for it, had a request to view my collection and sold two chairs, plus provided 2 quotes for new commissions.  I know, I know, it's completely wonderful.  So why can't I seem to ride those highs and lows very well?

It's definitely something I need to continue to work on.  Next time I'm fretting, I'm going to come back and read these posts! Do you have any advice to pass on dear friends on how to stay more level?

On a non-business note - there's been other changes in my life too. Two weeks ago I was having some heater issues with my truck and the mechanic delivered the sad news that I needed at least a few thousand dollars worth in repairs - if not, many more. Um really?  That totally sucked!  My little red truck is now 11 years old so I had to do some hard number crunching and make the really tough decision to buy a car.  Nothing stressed me out like vehicle issues, so I sucked it up and went car shopping and traded in my little red truck for an almost new compact SUV.  Perfect for Winnipeg winters and delivering furniture!  Car payments, well that's just inevitable.  And yes - that all happened in the span of a week as well!

So it's been pretty up and down around here so I thought I would fill you in.  Doesn't a week seem so short when you think about it?

Sorry for no pretty pictures today, I promise more tomorrow...


  1. I kinda want something to happen to my car so I can get a new one- did I just write that out-loud? Is is possible to write out-loud? Don't tell my husband I wrote this k.

  2. Oh yes, the weeks are so short! I can't believe it when another Monday rolls around.
    I hope you can learn to appreciate the slow times and consider them a break, although it would be nice if everything was more level!

  3. i always hate those slow times, but indeed, something always comes along to pick it right back up.
    so sorry about your truck! we just made our last payment on my car(after 6 years) so here's hoping to at least 6 more!

  4. So sorry about your truck sweetie but what a great news about the business stuff:)..Sometimes its very hard to stay on the level. Kisses and enjoy your day


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