11 November 2010


{image via Elana Rossi}

Who are you remembering today?  Both my grandfather's (now passed) fought for Canada in WWII, so my thoughts are always with them on Remembrance Day. The things they had to do, I can't even imagine....I feel so lucky to live the life I do. Thanks to them, and all the others who are so so brave.  

It will be a quiet day off work for me.  J has to put in a full day (oh the life of the self-employed) and snow is in the air. We have plans to lay a wreath at my mom's father's grave site today, but for now, I will putter and clean the house and relax with Gus and continue to nurse my nagging cold.

I hope you have a nice day planned.  Be warm and be well my friends!


  1. What a beautiful post,sweetie. Have a relaxing day and see you later,sweetie

  2. I remember my grandfather who fought too-

    and my husbands grandfather who my oldest is named after-

    I hope you feel better soon!

    I wanted to ask you a question- I'll just do it here- but feel free to email me back if you don't want to mess up your comment space-
    I need to spray paint a door lock (deadbolt) matte silver- I want to use a prep spray- any advice?
    Thanks bunches-

  3. my family has very few veterans in it, so i don't have anyone personal to think about on veteran's day, so i've been thinking about a friend's father who was in vietnam. beautiful post, dear!

    xo Alison


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