07 November 2010

Scenes from a Weekend

How is your weekend going friends?  Are you making the most out of your days?  We're having quiet little weekend over at Casa L&J.  One of my office dogs, Coco, has been staying with us while her mama is on a little holiday.  Gus is definitely having a few jealousy issues with another pup in his space but he's more curious and excited than anything.  Here's a shot of the two cuties hanging out together on top of J...

It's definitely given me a taste of what life would be like with another dog around if we ever want to add to our family!

I also recently picked my knitting needles back up after a four-year absence.  I don't know why I let them sit for so long but I was invited to a local knit night with some local gals, which I checked out on Thursday.  It was nice to sit and chat and be crafty.  I was so impressed with their speed and skill level...one day!  For now I will keep knitting and purling away on my little scarf project.  Hopefully it won't be another four years before it's done.  Do you like to knit?  Do you find it soothing and relaxing?

I've been battling an oncoming cold for the past few days, which is another reason I'm taking it easy this weekend.  But I am putting in a little bit of time on a few projects that I have on the go with Lather Creations.  I'm working on this chair for my good friend L, who saw the Spoonful of Yellow Flowers Bench and fell in love with the fabric.  Here's the before shot...I'll share after pics when it's done.  It's going to be a fabulous new addition to her kitchen's office nook!

I'm also working on this curvy side table.  I love the sexy legs on it and it's primed and ready to go (the pic was taken mid-prime)...just waiting for some colour inspiration!

And as promised, here are some pics of those 1960's wood veneer side tables I told you about on Facebook this week.  Thanks to B who was clearing out some old furniture and thought of me!  I love love the modern, clean lines and tapered legs on these pieces.  They are so versatile, they could be living room end tables or bedside tables, or you could put them together to make a fabulous dining room sideboard.  I see wine glasses on the lower level and crystal decanters and a serving tray on top! 

If you're interested in commissioning these pieces for your home, drop me a line at lhume1@mts.net.

So that's what I'm up to, how about you?  How are you enjoying this mid-November weekend?  I can't lie - with the beautiful weather we've been having, my Christmas shopping is at the back of my mind.  But I do plan to get on it this week!

Have a lovely day friends!


  1. I would like to knit but I am a crochet-a-holic at the moment. Ian's Mom showed me some basic knitting stiches but I couldn't get my head into it because of my crochet hat obsession! One day I will pick those needles up again. :)

  2. sorry to hear about the cold! thanks for sharing your weekend with us :)

    xo Alison

  3. the dog picture is sooo cute!!!! I have some yarn and needles ready to go, I just need the know how now =)

  4. The doggies look cute together! I had a great weekend, no projects, just get togethers with some friends. Love those tables!

  5. those 60's tables are awesome! can't wait to see what you do to them!

  6. Gus and Coco are adorable! I have been thinking of taking up knitting again. I haven't done it in quite a few years. It looks like you've got some fun projects you'll be working on. Hope you feel better!

  7. Oh my, I love the picture of Gus and his new friend! That just made my day. Isn't it fun to see how our dogs act with other canine houseguests? It's like you really get to see their personality.

    I knit - occasionally. It seems to be something I pick up when the weather turns cooler. It's like baking bread and making chili! I haven't knitted anything more complicated than a scarf, although I do have a couple patterns I might tackle this winter.

  8. Hi there,

    New follower here from the Blog Hops. Your blog is just wonderful. Love the layout and look. I will definitely enjoy reading more in the future.

    Please come by and visit/follow me too. I love new followers and readers.

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  9. what cute pups!!!! hehe they look quite cuddly ;)

    I would love to learn to knit! I need to find a beginners class.

    <3 Gina

  10. okay that's probably the funniest picture of coco and gus! they both look so....stoic? which neither of them are! ha!


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