26 November 2010


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Is everyone feeling as tied up as I do these days? Between holiday planning, Christmas shopping, new-car driving, work-attending, house-cleaning and furniture painting...there's literally no time left over!  Did I also mention we've had 20+ centimetres of snow dump on us over the last 3 days??  My commute has been less than joyful this week.

Plus I have a bit of the blog blahs, well not really the blahs, just that I can't seem to get it together to plan my posts then {pouf!}, the day is gone!  Do you ever feel like that?  PLEASE tell me how you cope?

I am so happy it's Friday. So I'm keeping my chin up buttercup! I have Splurge tonight with my gal pals, I love getting together to drink wine and chat about life and their babies!  The rest of the weekend will be spent catching up on all the other things on my to-do list.

For my friends south of the border - Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you're shopping up a Black Friday storm! Tell me about all your fab deals...

I'll be back soon, for now - know you're in my happy thoughts! 


  1. absolutely- so busy and tied up! and yes, i want to do so many fun holiday things, even though i am so busy. and then of course keeping up with the blog... it's all tiring, but worth it. i just ordered tix last night to see a local ballet company perform the nutcracker- i am taking emmy for a girl's day while sawyer goes to help gramma bake cookies. :)

  2. know exactly how you feel! Enjoy your evening out with the gal pals. I'll be at the WECC with my gal pal, Em selling our jewellery to the masses (hopefully the snow dump won't keep people away!).

  3. I am always over my head around the Holidays and one thing my Balazs always tells me that its all about what makes me happy ...and I always try to make the time to do stuff I love! I bet you will have a blast with your girl pals tonight and wish you a safe and wonderful weekend
    Kisses, darling

  4. I can relate too, it is just a busy time of year I guess. I don't actually plan my blog posts, I just post one when I have something to blog about, and I tend to stick to just posting about my finished projects (with a couple of holidays thrown in recently, lol).

    What is most getting me down right now is I seem to have hurt my wrist and thumb from too much painting. I am trying to rest it so it gets better but that is really hard when I have a house to run and two kids to raise, along with keeping my little business ticking along. I have a workshop full of half painted commissions and clients waiting. I am trying not to get stressed about it....but it is hard!

    xx Karen

  5. Have oodles of fun with your girlies! I am swamped, of course, as is everyone but I love this season and I kinda put it into overdrive this time of year.

    Somethings always suffer...blog, baking, all the little things I say I'll do.....but you know what? I'm the only one who notices :) Relax, take your time. You're the only one who knows or cares what was left on the list. - Dharma

  6. i know exactly what you mean. time slips away and then you remember you haven't blogged yet. it sucks! my remedy: whenever you have the chance, even if it's just a half hour (for me it's usually the weekend), put together a post for that day when real life gets crazy busy. doing that helps me so much during the week when schoolwork is overwhelming.

    remember not to stress out about it too much. you'll get back in the swing!

    xo Alison

  7. Aww, it seems like so many wonderful bloggers are m.i.a. these days. With this chilly weather, it is all I can do to *not* curl up in a warm bed with a hot bevvie and my laptop!! LOL!

    Have a wonderful weekend :)

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