23 November 2010

Etsy Love: Studio KMO

It's been just over a year since we've been in our house and I must admit - I've been finding it hard to put artwork on the walls without all our reno's being done.  Like it seems too 'finishing touch' and the rooms aren't ready for that yet.  But I know I should just buckle down and pick out things I love and enjoy them today.

I have a love for travel so these amazing ink drawings and hand-cut maps gave my heart a little flutter! Check out Studio KMO's Etsy shop here. This map of Manhatten is a pen and paper drawing. How stunning is this?

My heart just swoons for this delicate drawing of Vancouver.

Can you believe this is a hand drawn and hand cut map of San Francisco - gorgeous!

{all images via Studio KMO}

 I love artwork that features cities or destinations or somehow captures travel memories. These are so unique and I think they'd look great on our walls. Maybe a collection of cities we've visited together?

How do you commemorate your vacations friends?  Photos, keepsakes, subway tokens?


  1. This is such a beautiful map...I love to travel too and we always keep all the little stuff from the trips...like tickets, photos:)

  2. wow. these are really splendid.

    i'm definitely a collector. i love keeping receipts + business cards from trips.

    xo Alison

  3. New fan of Studio KMO here! Wow. Those are amazingly amazing

  4. Etsy is the best! So many talented people! I love buying from there.
    Have a great day! ;)Alyssa

  5. I want that hand cut map of SF! Wow!

  6. I love to travel. I usually keep tickets or smal items. I press leaves, flowers etc in between my journals. And I usually buy a postcard, a pin or a magnet...tourist-y, I know..but what can i do? :) lovely blog...found yours via Ren Lady of the arts. :)


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