27 November 2010

Before and After: Regal Teal Side Table

I feel like it's been FOREVER since I showed you a finished project! Truth is, this one's been done for a while but I have no daylight at home on weekdays so shooting the 'after' pics had to wait for the weekend.  Here's the side table before, it was a great sturdy piece with lovely scalloped edges and curved legs.

A good friend (I can't remember who, so if it's you - thanks!) recommended I try deepening my colour palette a bit during the winter, I picked up some new tints I'd been wanting to try.  I fell in love for this deep, rich teal grey colour. It's so regal and soothing! I did my usual sanding priming, painting and finishing. The paint was a semi-gloss finish so it has a real girlish feel to it.  I think the result is super cute, would go great in everything from a living room to a bedroom!

If you live in the Winnipeg area and would love to take home the Regal Teal Side Table, you can do so here!

Also, did you notice anything different about my 'after' photos? I've been wanting to get a new camera for a while now - my dinky digital point and shoot just doesn't cut it when I look at some of the other gorgeous photos out there in blogland.  So my sweet photographer friend Leah generously offered me her old Canon Rebel XTi for a while to do a test drive.  How amazing is that? This is my first attempt with the camera and I'd love to hear your tips and tricks on taking great shots with a DSLR!

Have a lovely rest of your weekend friends!


  1. Oh my gosh, Lenore - what shade is that table? I feel like I just bought the same shade today for the dresser I'm working on.
    Oh and FYI - Home Depot won't colour match Martha Stewart paint :( Apparently they're under some contract and can't.

  2. love the color on that table! it actually complements your pillw on your sofa perfectly, even if you aren't keeping it!

  3. I love your table - both the style and the color!

  4. That table is so fun and sweet! And I absolutely love the color--would you mind sharing what color it is? Great pictures too!

  5. Also, what color are your walls? I'm thinking about repainting my living room and I love that color!

  6. I, too, love the color on your table, Lenore! Really pretty! It looks great in your house. Nice job! Your photos looks fabulous!

  7. Looks great L!
    I love the color-
    I have been chanelling you today- I hope to finish up my project tomorrow so I'll post it next week!
    But what's the finish again- I know I read about that in the step by step post-

  8. It looks awesome - i love love that color!!! If you get any good tips for the camera let me know because i just got a Canon T2i and don't really know how to use it. I need to take a class i think lol

  9. Thanks all! Nicole, the colour I used on the table was a Benjamin Moore mistint so unfortunately I don't have a colour name to share...but my walls are painted Grey Wisp by Benjamin Moore as well (but colour matched to a much cheaper CIL paint!). Good luck with your painting!


  10. Gorgeous colour! It looks great in living room, are you tempted to keep it?


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