06 October 2011

Sweet Style Steal: Navy and Orange Corset Top

I know this is super summery but would you believe it's been above 30 degrees here this week? It's truly a glorious October so my head is still in the summer game!  Except for the Thanksgiving part...I'm already drooling at the thought of turkey dinner at my mom's this weekend.

Okay gals, let's talk seriously about Anthropologie. I personally have been IN LOVE with their clothing for many years now. I feel like their brand is totally 'me' with the girly styles, unique accents and chic colours. The problem? It's soooo pricey, so I splurge once in a blue moon. The rest of the time, I covet...ha ha!

The one thing I noticed is that every item I'm drawn too has something a little extra special about it. A ruffle here, a pretty neckline there, a cool print here, a girlish touch there. So in order to recreate an Anthro look, it's more about being special and different.

Take this strapless top with printed belt. What do I love? Navy as the main colour, the unique palette of navy + orange, the pretty printed belt and the feminine flourish of the big bow! Sadly, it's $88.00

But what if I could recreate the 'special-ness'? American Eagle Outfitters often has cute knock-offs like this navy sweetheart corset top for only $36.26. Looks pretty plain on it's own, doesn't it?

But what if you picked up a yard of really vibrant and punchy orange floral printed fabric like this one from Etsy? Cut it to size (sew it if you're handy like that!) and wrap it around your navy top, tying it in a big bow. Ta da! Just as special and cute and unique, for half the cost!

Do you do anything to make your outfits more special and a little more 'you'? I'm always amazed and impressed with what a little pop of colour or fabric can do...from a DIY headband to a fabric flower corsage to a simple wrap belt.

Have an amazing day friends!


  1. Awesome idea Lenore, that will look gorgeous! :)


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