17 October 2011

Before and After: Espresso with Cream Dining Chairs

Hey everyone! As promised, I have a Lather Creations furniture reveal. The twist is that I had a guest upcycler for this project....my husband Jack!

Jack has his own hardwood flooring company so he's a total wood guy - loves working with it and loves the rich visual appeal and warmth it adds to a room. He's been wanting to get involved for some time and was just waiting for the right passion project to come along.  So when our friends were getting rid of their old dining room chairs - Jack snapped them up. The chairs needed some work, so Jack ended up taking them apart and reinforcing them, sanding them down to the bare solid red oak wood.

The chairs have regal spindle sides and a classic ladderback design. Being so fond of wood, it was hard for Jack to think about losing it completely. So he came up with a unique design that blends the bright modern feel of the Crisp Linen paint with richly Espresso stained wood sections. 

His work is absolutely meticulous and I love how they turned out! They would be equally suited around a clean white table, a more elegant black table or even a classic dark wood dining table - depending on your style. A huge thanks to Jack for bringing your impeccable style to Lather Creations - we have to think about more than just a marriage partnership.... :)

Here's some shots of the individual chairs...

And the complete set...

If you live in the Winnipeg area and are smitten with the set of Espresso with Cream Solid Oak Dining Chairs then click here. Or if have an old piece of wood furniture laying around that you'd like refreshed, email me at lhume1@mts.net and we can chat!

Have a lovely day friends!


  1. These amazing chairs make me wish I still lived in Winnipeg so I could happily take them off your hands - beautiful

  2. Beautiful. Love the wood and white combo Lenore.


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