05 October 2011

Lather Creations SALE

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a lovely day. 

So remember way back when...I told you I had a few pieces of Lather Creations furniture in inventory that I wanted to clear out to make room for new ones? Well slowly, they all started selling independantly and now I'm left with only one piece. So this is a very teeny-tiny sale, in case you are on the lookout for that special piece of furniture.

The Dotty Aqua Bedside Table is a delicious one-of-a-kind table that's been freshly painted in a pretty aqua blue green.  A distinctive cream and aqua polka dot knob from Anthropologie is the cherry on top of this little cake. Imagine this charming vintage table next to your bed.  There’s plenty of storage in the drawer to stash away items, plus a shelf to stack your bedtime reading.  This unique table will add a pop of fresh and colourful personality to any girl’s bedroom! It measures 27” high by 13” deep by 17” wide.

Drop me a line at lhume1@mts.net if you're interested in viewing or purchasing this piece for the sale price of $55.  If you have your own piece of old wood furniture that's just dying to be refreshed, email me pictures and dimensions and we can chat further!

Thanks everyone and have an amazing rest of your week! I can't wait to get painting again, I have a basement full of furniture just waiting for me :)

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