03 October 2011

Style Peek: handmade floral dress + chocolate tights

Hello to the big reveal! I must say, me and my sewing machine are getting along quite nicely. Here is my latest creation! I fell in lust with this earthy fall pattern of black, grey and espresso coloured roses at my local Fabricland. It's a silky polyester, so it definitely presented some sewing challenges but thanks to pleats, a busy pattern and a tent fit - they camoflouge nicely. One friend even said it looked like a Forever 21 dress! (I blush)

The pattern was a super simple pullover style that could be cinched with a cute belt. In case you're wondering about pattern sizing, I buy regular sizes and simply add on to the cut pattern to allow for more room. Then I pay careful attention to fitting the piece to myself.

It's a great pattern with lots of other options! I'm definitely a gal obsessed, but I can't wait to try out my next project - maybe some baby Christmas gifts for all the new moms I know?? Or some handpainted tea towels for Grandma? It must be the fall weather, but I'm definitely feeling extra creative lately! How about you?

dress - handmade by me! fabric via Fabricland
tan suede belt - Target
chocolate tights - HUE via JC Penney
black leather flats - Aldo

Hope you're having an amazing Monday friends!


  1. love love love- you are such a sewing maven- and the pattern is great!

  2. Cute! Love the colours of that dress :D

  3. This dress is fantastic! Congrats on your fashionably cute accomplishment. I've had a sewing machine for five years now and still haven't managed to keep it threaded. Someday, I will get my act together and make myself adorable clothing.

  4. What a great dress, Lenore! I got to wear tights yesterday for the first time this season, and it felt sooo cozy :)

  5. Great job!!! I have been dusting off my machine also... but I'm starting with clothes for the kids first! Much easier to fit than myself.

  6. I have this same pattern, but haven't made anything from it yet!! Please tell me it's easy - I want to make the long sleeve tunic.

  7. It was fairly easy for a beginner - I ran into issues with the pleating as I sized the pattern a little bigger. If you follow directions and line up the notches, you should be good!


  8. you are so talented at whatever you do!


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