07 October 2011

Style Peek: Red Velvet Sewing Kit Dress

I was super excited to receive a very special package last week -  my new Red Velvet dress! This is a handmade creation from Elsie of A Beautiful Mess. It's her second dress collection and I've been drooling over the previews all summer. Plus, she offered a couple of the pieces from her fall dress line in extended sizes - so I was happy to take the plunge! It was definitely a splurge but I love the idea of supporting independant designers and having such a unique design. Elsie even had the fabric screenprinted for the dress - love the cute spools! Funny note - I wore the dress to my local fabric store and one of the ladies working asked about it immediately. Seamstresses unite!

Isn't her styling adorable? Maybe i will be brave enough to wear the dress with mustard shoes and a bright yellow belt! For now I did my first styling with a skinny black belt, black tights and a black cardi. Fearless styling to come next time...

Sewing Kit Dress - Red Velvet
Black cardigan - Gap
Black skinny belt - Old Navy
Black tights - can't remember!
Black boots - Steve Madden via The Shoe Company

Have a lovely Friday and an amazing Thanksgiving long weekend (Canadian) friends! Are you planning anything fun? My mom is having a HUGE dinner on Monday and I'm bringing sweet potato casserole with a pecan crust...drool-worthy!


  1. um, SUPER cute! have a great weekend!

    xo Alison

  2. I saw your "red velvet" post on Twitter while waiting for the turkey to be done at my in-laws, and couldn't wait to see how you styled a red velvet dress... some days, I'm just too literal! I love the quirky fun nature of this dress!

  3. oh my gosh Lenore!!!!!!! an Elsie original??! i DIE! and i'd never wanna take it off, so pretty on you lades. it's a timeless keeper that i'm sure will make its way out on many fun occasions keeping with the conversation piece idea too. of course the seamstress was all curious, it's a completely unique item. congrats!!!

    we will certainly be having turkey on Sunday night, Sean & i are having his folks over for dinner. should be fun. enjoy your weekend too, that casserole sounds d-vine. ♥

  4. Your boots are DELICIOUS! So worn in and cozy looking. :)

  5. This is fabulous, fun and quirky right up my street! Sharon x

  6. Happy (belated) Thanksgiving! What a great weekend. I don't know how the weather was out west, but over here it was like summer!

    The first thing I thought about this dress was that the print is so YOU. Especially since you've been sewing a storm lately. It looks great. Congratulations on taking the plunge, it was worth it!

  7. This is so, so cute! I thought about this one, but ended up buying the Library Date dress. This is really darling on you.

    Cute blog! :)

  8. Mustard is a little much for a lot of people. How about a little apple-green accent?

  9. You're totally rocking that dress! It looks amazing on you. I love silhouetting my dresses with black outlines. I do love the yellow belt and mustard with the dress, but there's a million and one ways to make it your own. You've got it down!

    Aoife x


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