25 October 2011

Style Peek: silky bird dress + olive cardi + maroon tights

Hey friends! Remember the big conference I spoke at last week? Well never mind what I said - more importantly, here is what I wore! I definitely struggled with the whole corporate work wear dilemma, since I know my office is much more creative and casual than most. But I also wanted to stay true to who I am and what I do - so I did my own version of 'corporate creative'. I chose my favourite silky bird dress, I think the dressy material just takes things up a notch. Then I paired it with an olive green cardigan, gold accessories and tall black boots. My own special twist - some funky maroon tights...just a sliver of course!

By the way, have I mentioned I am loving putting my hair up now that I have bangs? I swear, it makes it sooo much easier - you'll be seeing a lot of my little messy topknot in the future.

silky bird dress - Forever 21+ (shop)
olive cardigan - Old Navy (shop similar)
layered gold necklace - Target (shop similar)
suede belt - Target
maroon tights - We Love Colors
black leather boots - Steve Madden (shop similar)

How do you dress up for business-y occasions friends? Or are you lucky enough to not have any? :) 

Just kidding, I love my job but time to time I do fantasize about working from home in my pjs...although them I would have no material for my blog...never mind!!

Colored Tights | Everybody, Everywear


  1. This is EXACTLY how I would dress for a businessy occasion. My work environment is pretty laid back too so whenever I have a high profile meeting or conference to attend I also revert to a classic dress and cardigan. You look fab. And I instantly noticed the change with you hair and love how the bangs frame your face. Beautiful!

  2. i never would have thought to do the maroon tights but they are perfect!!! you look adorable!

  3. Working from home in my pajamas is grand, and having evening plans always makes it easier to generate content for the blog! Thanks again for coming out tonight!
    I love the colour of the tights with the cardi!

  4. I love the tiny print on that dress!
    I'm a designer at a sportswear company. People can literally wear anything they want. I love that I can dress funky to work, but some people (mostly non-creative types) take the relaxed dress code way too far. I have seen sweats on many occasions at the office.

  5. Lenore, how was your experience ordering the tights from We Love Colors? I'm loving the selection of colours that they have on their website, but haven't ordered any yet.

  6. I absolutely love how you styled this dress! I have it, too, and adore it. Ironically, I don't wear it very often because I love it so much. LOL I want it to last forever! =)

  7. I love that pretty dress! I might just have to track it down and see if Forever21 still has it. I love the pop of colour in the tights too!

  8. Love how you funked up your work look with the colored tights! Working in advertising, I too try to ad some creativity to my everyday work wardrobe!
    Love your blog

  9. That dress is absolutely fantastic! and I love the necklace and the sweater you chose to pair with it!

  10. Stopping by from EBEW - I love your outfit! Definitely a great choice for "corporate creative". The olive and maroon work so well together!

  11. oh girl, I adore this look! I have an outfitpost on hold with me wearing maroon tights with an olive XL cardy, haha ^^ I adore the birdie dress, it's so cute! x

  12. "How do you dress up for business-y occasions friends?"

    A blazer is one of the tricks to make a simple wardrobe more casual and business-y. But a cardigan is also good and the belt. Love this outfit of yours. Chic and casual.

    Cathy@logo digitizing


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