13 October 2011

Style School: The Foolproof Way to Tie a Scarf

Don't ask my why it took thirty-some years to figure this out, but now that I have - I think it's pure brilliance!  I know I'm not reinventing the wheel here and there are so, so many ways to tie a scarf. This is just one little idea to add to the mix...

I love huge cotton scarves, they're so cozy to wrap around yourself (especially in fall) and it's a great way to try out bold prints and colours. But sometimes they're so big that I don't know what to do with the long ends and they blow around in the wind making me feel a little too bohemian. So one day I rolled up the scarf, tied the ends into a little knot and voila - an instant infinity scarf! This doesn't work on smaller scarves but if you love the super large square-shaped ones like I do - this is an easy little trick.

grey sweater - Anthropologie
white slouchy tank - Forever 21+ (similar)
chunky wood necklace - bought at a boutique in Calgary
multi-coloured owl scarf - local boutique Out of the Blue

Now my long scarves hang on the rack already knotted so I can just throw them on, double up the loop and I'm ready to go. This is especially convenient with jackets, you just wrap and go. If you want to look more polished, simply tuck the knot behind your neck. For a more dishevelled look, leave the knot showing in the front!

Happy Fall scarf weather friends! What's your favourite way to tie a scarf?


  1. Oh you're so smart!! :) And such an inspiration for fashion! Thanks, lady!!

  2. So simple, yet so genius. I did this for the first time yesterday and I'm so excited to now have a collection of infinity scarves :)


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