04 October 2011

From the Kitchen: The Rice Krispie Treats Fairy

Fall makes me want to bake. And cook comfort food. And eat. Okay, fall is a pretty delicious season - can we agree on that? 

On a weekend coffee date with a friend, the subject turned to baking and the simple joy of Rice Krispie Treats (it just did, okay?). My friend is a new mom with a toddler as well and spoke of the convenience of buying them pre-made. But we agreed it's just not the same. So on the way home I picjed up the super complicated ingredients needed to make this tasty goodness (yup - butter, marshmellows and Rice Krispies) and set about a little factory of sorts, eventually filling my fridge with batches and batches.

I used the classic Kellog's recipe here and I swear, it was about 5 minutes per batch. Pretty soon our fridge was filled with trays of treats...needless to say, Jack was a happy boy!

Rice Krispie Treats

1. Melt 3 Tb of butter in a big pot over medium heat. Add 4 cups mini-marshmellows until melted.
2. Add 6 cups of Rice Krispies and stir to coat. Spoon into greased 9x12 pan and use a wet spatula to smooth the top. Chill!
Could they be any easier? I must have forgotten or I would make them every weekend! I packaged up my treats and dropped them off to my girlfriend, my grandma and my sister. Good deeds for the week? Done and done. Plus I got the leftovers :) they lasted about a half a day...

What's your classic easy baking treat friends? Have you made it lately?

Have a lovely amazing day!


  1. mmm yum great idea, I should make some of these for my son :)

  2. I always bring them to family gatherings. There are about a dozen kids under the age of 8, so I make a big tray of them, top them with seasonally appropriate candy (it will be M&Ms for fall this weekend!). I grab a can of "whipped topping" and they have so much fun squirting it on their squares before they eat them. Entertainment AND Food All In One!

  3. I love them but the hubby prefers puffed wheat cake... which is also delicious and easy!

  4. MMMM, rice krispie treats! They are amazing! I like to throw in some Fruity Pebbles too, to add some fun colors! And also, they are technically fruit, right? So they are healthy! :)

  5. my mom JUST brought some pumpkin spice marshmallows from the states to my house this week.
    we made rice krispie squares WITH the pumpkin spice flavored marshmallows.
    can i say that it's little slice of heaven in one bite?!
    imagine with a pumpkin spice latte?!?!?!
    the perfect fall treat!
    and it's easy, to boot!

  6. I haven't had Rice Krispie squares in ages. Sometimes it pays to revisit the classics :D Those look so good!

  7. I've never been a big fan of Rice Krispie squares. I love smelling them cook though. Mmmm, butter and marshmallows...


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