18 October 2011

Style Peek: oversized cowl sweater + skinny jeans

Happy Tuesday! Things are a bit hectic around here as I prepare for my big presentation on Thursday, I'm a bit of a bundle of nerves to be honest.... I'm a true introvert, so taking my schtick to the realm of public speaking is a bit scary!! But I know it will be a great opportunity to make good connections and show off our agency work.

How does this affect my wardrobe you ask? Big, cozy sweaters to bundle up in and cocoon while I work away! Like this adorable grey one I picked up at Winners (they have awesome new fall stuff in!). I love the huge cowl neckline, cropped kimono sleeves and side slits. Sooooo comfy! Plus - check it out - I cut my bangs! All kinds of things going on around here...

oversized grey cowl sweater - Winners

Stay cozy friends and wish me luck on Thursday!


  1. Love that sweater - it looks so cozy!

    Also - best of luck in your presentation on Thursday! I am sure you'll be fantastic! :)

  2. i love that sweater and i have heard good things about gap's skinny jeans. i have yet to buy a pair of skinny jeans because i have thick legs and have had bad luck!

  3. Love the bangs, and you are SO BRAVE for public speaking!


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