02 December 2010

Thursday Blog/Website Share: Art.com

Friends - do you know about art.com?  You probably do and I'm just late to the party!

But I thought I would share on the wee chance you haven't discovered this awesome site yet. I love, love to give gifts that mean something and I think one of the easiest ways is to get an inexpensive print and frame it yourself. They have the widest selection of prints in everything from classic art reproductions to maps to vintage advertisements to concert posters.  Plus they offer a price and size range in most of them - from simple, low cost prints to more detailed gyclee prints to photo prints to high-end actual canvas art! 

Imagine picking up the Thelonious Monk print for the jazz lover in your family....or a print of your favourite classic children's book for a new wee one's nursery...oh the possibilities! Plus I would love to receive a gift like this...hint hint!

{all images via art.com}

I've been lost in this site for hours!  Hope you enjoy and happy Thursday friends!

PS: Michael's has a huge selection of poster sized frames and I picked up mine for a steal with the 40% off coupon!!


  1. I also adore their site and I can spend hours browsing it. Kisses, darling
    Have a fantastic day

  2. This is a great site! I also like this site:
    It's Canadian so none of those pesky custom and brokerage charges!

  3. I didn't know about this site. Thanks! I just bought a print on Etsy for a gift and was looking around for an afforadable way to frame it. I'll check out Michael's!

  4. I get in trouble with my bank account when I visit this site...

  5. Talk about one stop shopping! Love this! And Michael's is great for framing, both professional and DIY. Plus, they always have coupons and their selections of odd size frames can't be beat.


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