17 December 2010

Be Thrift My Heart

Well it's a good thing I had the day off work, or I never would have gone thrifting. And if I hadn't gone thrifting, I wouldn't have found two of the things I've been coveting on my thrift wish list.

Wish list item #1 - A beautiful vintage typewriter

This classic Royal Futura is in mint condition, works and comes in the most beautiful camel coloured leather hard case. As a writer by trade, I've always loved any kind of writing paraphernalia (dictionaries, notebooks, pencils, books and yes, anything typewriter related!). So this was the mother score!  Guess how much? $4.99!!!!  Doing the happy dance as we speak...

Wish List Item #2 - A Globe

This warm-toned beauty was also in mint condition, from the textured mountain ranges to the brass holder. J had asked for a globe for Christmas but I just couldn't wait another week, I gave it to him today!  The price you ask - $7.99!  I know, I can't believe it either.

Sometimes the thrifting gods just smile down at you...

One more weekend until Christmas! I hope you all have a very lovely weekend...any big plans other than shopping, baking, wrapping and such?


  1. Aw, two beautiful finds indeed! The rules of thrifting are:

    -you find better things when you skip work/any obligation

    -AFTER you find long-coveted items...you will see them everywhere, in abundance.

    This happened to me after I found my first globe. :)

  2. Wow, what great finds! This makes me think of my Grandma's typewriter. Not in mint condition anymore, sadly. She used it so much! She taught me how you have to push down hard and decisively on the keys - which is so funny to think about now with modern technology.
    When I was about 11 I asked for a globe for Christmas. (Nerd!) I should claim that from my parents' house...

  3. No way!!! That is the best deal ever for a typewriter!
    Great score- so happy 4 u- have a great w/e L!!

  4. love that typewriter! can't believe it was only 4.99?! where in the world did you go?

    and it's true - after i got my typewriter i always saw them. and all my family members started offering up their old ones. groan.

  5. What great finds!!! Wow and wow! I can't believe that globe, good deal! My Nana had a typewriter just like that. She typed like the Roadrunner on that thing.

  6. Love, love, love the globe, been looking for one myself. Found a modern metal one that we just might add to our family room this Christmas. Happy Weekend my friend...love staying in touch through our blogs

  7. Very nice and entertaining post. Nice photos, too. Lucky you!

  8. Score! Gotta love with the stars align. :) When my friend and I popped by our local thrift store she found a sewing machine and table that she'd been looking for.
    My Mum learned to type on a type writer and it would drive me crazy to hear her typing on the computer keyboard with those heavy decisive strokes! But I guess that's how typewriters work.

  9. Meant to say *when* the stars align. Blame it on being tired and the baby screaming!

  10. Perfect! I love the warm toned globes. And I can't the believe the typewriter is in such good condition and it types!

  11. wowsers! holy fabulous thrifting trip!!

    I'm headed out today and I need some globe luck! My sister in law wants one for Christmas and I have had no luck in locating one locally:( Today is the day though! fingers crossed!

    love the typewriter too! good stuff!


  12. globes + typewriters...you're a girl after my own heart!

    xo Alison

  13. I just bought an antique type-writer a few weeks ago and love it! But I was having a bit of hard time finding replacement ink ribbons for it . .
    - Vanessa Elizabeth


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