29 December 2010

Holiday Sickies and Chapters Delights

The dust has settled after the bustle of Christmas. The gifts are unwrapped, the food has been devoured and much family time has been consumed. It was an extra special Christmas for me this year because my dad came in from Calgary to celebrate with us (although we were missing our stepmom Laura, who couldn't make it!). Jack took my dad out for coffee before my proposal to do a little old-fashioned blessing request, which was too sweet. Having my parents be a part of my engagement whirlwind was something I'll never forget!

Dad's headed home now and Jack is back to work today, while I enjoy the rest of my holidays (I'm back next Tuesday).  Unfortunately, not only did I get an amazing ring for Christmas - I also got a wicked sore throat and head cold. So these have been my holiday spirits this year...

It's a bummer but what can you do? At least I get to curl up at home and feel good knowing I'm not stressing about work while I concentrate on getting better! After a few stir-crazy days indoors, I ventured out early this morning for a Chapters visit. I stocked up on my latest two-gal book club selection (yes, it's a kid's book - don't judge - our minds are filled this time of year!), a self-help book from the editor of Self Magazine I've been wanting to read and a few magazines for eye candy (yes! yes! I get to read bridal mags and fantasize now!).

So here's a snapshot of what my holiday is all about right now...

What is yours looking like friends? Do you still have lots of entertaining to do or have you converted into lazy mode? Are you back to work or madly preparing your resolutions? I'd love to hear!


  1. Fun! I'm looking forward to seeing your wedding plans come together - and if you're looking for a photographer, let me know and I can introduce you to my little sister ;)

  2. I hope you feel better soon, Lenore. Take good care of yourself!

  3. oh darn, sorry to hear about the cold. we were hit by a terrible flu, poor kiddos were on the couch all day christmas eve. all better now though, thankfully!

  4. funny, i got sick wednesday afternoon and today have no voice! oh well. unfortunately, it's been really busy over here so no time to rest :( hopefully tomorrow....


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