05 December 2010

From the Kitchen: Simple No-Bake Christmas Cookies

Okay, I feel like I need to redeem myself after the 3-hour cinnamon bun fiasco.  Who has that kind of time? Especially during the hoidays! So today I'm sharing the most simple, easy and delicious Christmas cookie recipe I have on tap. I made these earlier in the week and the stash has since dwindled away to almost nothing as I can't stop sneaking them...today I'm making another batch in hopes of actually keeping some to bring to Christmas parties!  I think you will find them an absolute breeze to whip up...

No-Bake Cookies

In a large saucepan, over medium heat, melt together:
1/2 cup of butter
1/2 cup of milk
2 cups of sugar
2 tablespoons of cocoa

Boil for 1 minute, stirring constantly.  Remove from heat and add:
1 teaspoon of vanilla
3 tablespoons of peanut butter
3 cups of oatmeal

Drop by spoonfulls onto wax paper and chill. That's it!  I dare you not to eat them all yourselves!

How is your weekend going friends? I've been puttering around doing baking, Christmas shopping, watching the 'Keeping up the Kardashians' marathon (embarassing but addictive!) and working on my latest commission.  Here she is 'before':

To fill you in on her backstory, I was contacted by local blog reader Michelle. She found this amazing desk she wants to use as a dressing table. But sadly, she wasn't happy with her own stain job and was looking to fix her up with something different.  She loved the look of the Inky Blue Weathered Side Table and felt it was a perfect colour and style to go with some gorgeous antique rose pulls she found for it on Ebay. So Michelle got in touch with Lather Creations and the rest is...so they say - history!  I started work on this today and can't wait to see how she turns out!

Have a happy rest of your weekend friends!


  1. what a great commission piece. I have never made not bake cookies- I'll add this to the list!

  2. The cookies sounds delicious! Is the oatmeal quick oats?

  3. oooh my fiance would absolutely loooove these cookies! and i love the "no baking" easy part :) thanks for sharing!

  4. i LOVE no bake cookies! they are my favorite, and these looks delicious!

    xo Alison

  5. The cookies sound yummy and I'm anxious to try no bake cookies! Thanks for sharing the recipe. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished dressing table.

  6. this desk is going to be a goody....and the rose knobs will add some snappy to the straight lines!

    have fun!


  7. My mother in law makes those every year when we are all home for christmas, so good :)

  8. Funny (to me) that you and others associate these cookies with Christmas, or haven't seen them before. I've been making these since I was little, and they're more of an everyday "I'm bored and craving chocolate" cookie...for better or worse. My recipe uses as much cocoa as milk and butter, and coconut can be added with the oatmeal, too. Definitely tasty and addictive!

  9. I am making those cookies pronto!!! I cant wait:) Kisses, darling and Happy Monday

  10. Seriously, no bake cookies are my favorite cookies EVER!! I've been making them ever since I was little!!

  11. Oh yum! That looks amazing.It's raining outside and I can definitely picture myself making this in a few minutes. Rainy days always puts me in the mood for a little baking and eating too. =)

  12. I love no bake cookies, They are so easy to make and delicious!


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