09 December 2010

Thursday Blog Share: A Collection a Day

I've been thinking a lot about collections. When I was a wee little girl, I had a postcard collection that I kept in a shoebox. Every time a family member would travel somewhere - from Vancouver to London, they would send me one. My grandmother passed on hers that she had held onto, beautiful creased black and white cards with personal messages in scripted penmanship. I bought them wherever we went as a family (hello Seaworld!). And I picked them up at yard sales, gathering the special greetings of strangers. There's something very alluring and comforting about always having your eye out for something special. 

Recently, with all the furniture thrifting I do, I've picked up a few vintage milk glass vases to use as props for my photo styling. Next thing I know, I'm picking them up here and there whenever I spot them. One day I looked at our table and saw a small gathering of them. Yes, they've turned into a small collection! I love that I am always on the lookout for milk glass...it's my special thing.

Which brings me to today's blog share. I came by this via Katie over at The Neotraditionalist. She always finds such amazing things! The A Collection A Day blog is no exception. Artist Lisa Congdon has spent the last year documenting (through photography, drawing and painting) a grouping of items each day, most from her own personal collections (she must have a very understanding husband or a very big house to keep them all in!). She also has a book version of her project coming out in Spring 2011.  Here are some of her unique collected items...

{all images via A Collection a Day}

My friends, are you a collector?  What do you like to gather in your collection?


  1. LOVE this! I love how all collections have stories, and when you have them all over your home they speak volumes as to who you are and what you love.

    I am a huge fan of miss lisa and can't wait until her book comes out! She truly has amazing collections and the way she displays them all is wonderful....I'm sure the book will be wonderful!

    Hope you have a great day!


  2. I really love this idea:) I used to collect cards as well...I remember how fun it used to be to read them over and over:)...I collect soaps from around the world...Whenever we go to a new place I always get a new scent...I have a huge glass jar where I keep them...Also, they make my bathroom smell really nice:)
    Kisses, darling

  3. i've been a collector my whole life: nutcrackers, business cards, boys bears. i went for a while without collecting anything, but recently i started again with oddly shaped measuring cups. they're addicting!

    xo Alison

  4. before selling all our stuff to travel last year I had a great white vase collection too. I kept a couple of favourites but it's no longer a collection.

    While we traveled we collected sea glass for ourselves and currency for our nephew. We now have a couple of pounds of sea glass to remind us of the places we've been around the world. I can't believe we hauled it all in our backpacks for 10 months!

  5. I find I have "small" collections of things (2-3 items) but the ones that are growing the biggest are Ironstone, Sterling silver, and Scrabble tiles!

  6. I collect Christmas ornaments - I end up buying a few new ones each year - and my yarn stash is constantly growing. :) I also collect books of many kinds - old and new - and teas, and I've started buying penguin things for my husband (he loves them).

  7. Lately I can't pass up a globe, I love them!

  8. Those starfish are cool! I collect vintage hardcover "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" books from around the country. I've got over 10 from places like Minneapolis, San Diego, Galveston, and New York.
    Loving the Blog!

    Raised By Wolves

  9. i collect old cameras... in working and broken condition.

  10. so interesting to see what other people collect! i collect roosters and poop items of all sorts (it's amazing how much poo stuff is out there!)

  11. I have ALWAYS wanted to collect milk glass. I have several pieces, but I just don't have the storage space for more. Boo. I do collect aprons though!

  12. Vintage Nancy Drew hardcovers :)

  13. I don't think I've been collecting anything lately...maybe cool vases that I find in thrift stores though!! I love your milk glass ones. Ande Monster (who've I written about lately) has some REALLY cute ones at her etsy shop for such a good price, $8!! You should check them out:)

  14. I have a few too many collections on the go I think! But I'm stocking up to open a vintage Etsy shop so that's my excuse for now ;) I too have loved & collected milk glass for many years... it's so pretty glowing with candles inside, holding xmas ornaments or treats during a party...endless uses! I'm also into bird cages, vintage fans, books, suitcases & irons...to name a few! xo


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