10 December 2010

Party Girl

 {image via Foglio Press}

The countdown is on to Christmas! Are you feeling it? This weekend J and I have 2 Christmas parties, for each of our work. So we're going to be very busy eating, drinking, primping and crawling into bed late (which equals sleeping in the next day!). The days will be filled with crossing the last few people off our shopping list, refilling the Christmas baking tin I've been nibbling at (whoops!) and working on a furniture commission.

By the way - I love love loved hearing about all your collections! They all sounded so meaningful and gave me a little insight into each of your personalities. Thank you so much for taking the time to share them with me!

What are you up to this weekend my friends as the big day draws near? Happy Friday!


  1. sounds like a lovely holiday season. enjoy it!

    xo Alison

  2. We are in the middle of a blizzard in my neck of the woods so I'm hiding inside wishing The Man wasn't out there working, trying to stay warm and watching movies while blogging. At least the fridge is stocked! :)

  3. I"m feeling the stress approaching! eek!


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