21 December 2010

Before and After: Michelle's Inky Blue Weathered Desk

I know my posts have been a little spotty lately, but with Christmas business - I just can't keep up! So I'm going to slow things down over the holidays and refresh myself for a new and exciting blog year ahead!

I've been painting like a madwoman for a few Lather Creations commissions I have on the go, so of course I have to share. Remember the stained reddish desk that Michelle brought me?

Well here she is in her full Inky Blue glory! Don't Michelle's gorgeous vintage rose pulls just totally pull the piece together?

Sorry for the crooked pics, I must have been a little tipsy when I took them (or just a bad photographer that day!). 

I absolutely can't wait for the holidays, my dad is coming in and we have tons of family time scheduled at various homes. So if I don't talk to you before then, I hope you have an amazing Christmas filled with love and family and good eats!


  1. oh i love the color!!! it is awesome, especially against the color of the knobs!

  2. Love the colour combo of the red and blue. Those knobs are the cutest!

  3. I like it! I love the knobs- so pretty-

    Not sure what program you use to 'do' your photos but the ones I'm familiar with all have a 'straightening' option- I too take crooked photos often- which for the record I think yours look great- hope all is well!

  4. this turned out adorable!
    i really love it.


  5. This is beautiful, Lenore. Great color and I love the knobs! You did a really nice job. Have a wonderful visit with your dad and a Merry Christmas.

  6. OMG it looks fantastic!!!! I so adore the knobs and the colour:) Wow!
    Merry Christmas,sweetie pie

  7. Looks great! Thanks so much, can't wait to set it up and get my own things on it! <3

  8. Beautiful desk. I just love those pretty pulls!

  9. i really dig those knobs. SO lovely!

    xo Alison


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