22 November 2011

Style Peek: navajo sweater + skinny jeans + caramel boots

Hey everyone! I hope you're keeping cozy this November morning? Full blown winter has arrived here in Winnipeg and for a few moments I forgot what it was like....but I remember now and I'm all over sweaters, boots, berets and thick scarves!

See the happy look on my face (see above!)...I have some fab news to share! I've been named the new Winnipeg City Editor for Western Living Magazine (a Western Canada lifestyle mag)! 

What does this mean, you ask? Well, I'm still working full time at Fusion, but now I'm contributing monthly to the front-of-book section of Western Living - sourcing fantastic new and unique home decor and design items to be featured. It's a great little side gig for me, plus I've wanted to be a magazine editor since I was a wee lass picking up Seventeen mag...so this is my baby steps into this world!

On another note - I've been asked by you lovely readers about tights for us tall and curvy gals. So here's my scoop - I adore both HUE and We Love Colors for fantastic quality tights. 

I get my HUE tights at The Bay (in Canada) and Macy's (in the US). They have great texture and look for sizes 4 and 5 for more height and weight allowance. The bummer is those higher sizes are only available in basic colours like black and brown. 

This is where We Love Colors comes in...they have 51 fantastical shades in their Plus Size Tights to pick from. Shipping is $12 but I order 2 or 3 pairs at a time to make it worthwhile. I definitely recommend them if you're looking for something unique. Hope this helps ladies!

navajo sweater - PURE Alfred Sung via Zellers
white cotton top - Old Navy (shop similar)
skinny jeans - Gap (shop here)
caramel leather boots - Steve Madden (shop here)

Have a lovely week friends!


  1. Congrats on the new gig, it sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. Congratulations! That's so exciting!! Say, need any freelance writers?? (Mostly joking).
    I wanted to cry this morning as I trekked out in the snow. It's so much easier to remember to dress for winter when you're going for a mid-afternoon walk on the weekend, then when you're scrapping off your car when it's still dark out! You look far cozier than I did!

  3. what wonderful news!!! congratulations, we love that magazine!

  4. Congratulations Lenore! You are so incredibly talented and will do a fabulous job :) xo

  5. Congratulations!! =D Thanks for the tights tips (that sounds awkward lol)! I love Hue, but I have yet to order anything from We Love Colors.

  6. Lenore, what fantastic news. I can't wait to catch up in person. xoNat

  7. Congratulations on the magazine gig! I used to love Seventeen Magazine when I was young too :) I can't believe how cold it's gotten and it's only going to get worse. The only way we're going to survive is with sweaters like this!

  8. congratulations on the new gig and I love your sweater!

  9. Mmmm need to get me a cute navajo sweater like this one!


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