01 November 2011

Style Peek: black & cream dove top + jeggings + tall boots

Hey everyone! I hope you're having a fantastic week! Happy belated Halloween...we had the most gorgeous weather here for it. I'm not a big dresser-upper but I loved seeing all the kid pics on my Facebook feed this morning! I loved dressing up as a kid - my mom really went all out sewing our costumes, although living up north meant that your costume had to be big enough to fit over your snowsuit!

Here's an outfit I wore to a client meeting last week. Luckily, as the writer I can get away with creative casual! But now that I'm getting more client face time, I've been supplementing my wardrobe with these silky tops to add a touch of polish to my more...ahem...relaxed style!

black and white top - Forever 21+ (shop here)
jeggings - Gap (shop here)
tall black boots - Steve Madden (shop here)

Did you get all dressed up for Halloween? Or are you more of a candy giver-outer?

Have a lovely week friends!


  1. That top is soooo adorable, Lenore! Cute outfit!

  2. Love that top, I need to get myself to Forever 21 soon!

  3. Gorgeous!! Love the print- so pretty :)


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