07 November 2011

A little less blogging and a little more 'me'

Hi everyone! Whew! Who knew 5 days without blogging could fly by in a flash? I wanted to pop in and say hello and also fill you in with what's going on with me.

I've been in a bit of a blogging rut and it comes down to two main reasons:

1 - Social media is the fastest growing area of my job as a copywriter and communications specialist at the ad agency where I work...this means the more I do during the day - the less I am inclined to turn on the computer after hours! It's been so busy that basically I come home and crash...then I feel guilty for not blogging. I need to accept that blogging is not my full time job (as much as I would love it to be!) and I need to go easier on myself.

2 - I am having some health issues - nothing serious but I've always struggled with my back and lately it's been hard to manage. Hobbies I love like painting furniture and sewing leave me feeling a lot of pain. Stubborn as I am - I continue to do them but the bottom line is...if I don't look after myself first, I won't be able to do anything I love. So I'm having to shift my priorities and put more focus back on taking care of myself. I know I need to spend more time making healthy meals, going on more walks with Gus and increasing my yoga. This means less time for things like blogging and my business. :(

I'm not going to stop blogging, I just may a bit more sporadic at it. I still have wedding photos to share, some lovely submissions of 'The Story Behind' from you lovely readers and some outfits on the camera just waiting to be uploaded. All I'm saying is I might not be around as much.

I will try to juggle it all as I often do...so wish me luck and I'l talk to you soon!!

In the meantime, he's my latest sweet splurge...it's been the year of the coat closet revival so along with my winter sleeping bag parka, I've picked up this gem for that in-between fall coat and frigid -40 weather here in Winnipeg...

 It's the perfect mix of chic and bohemian and I love the deep moss colour and refined leather trim! When you zip up the neck it has a real military/mod shape to it. It's from Danier's new collection and it's currently on sale if you're looking!

Talk to you soon friends!


  1. I am finding that writing a daily post since starting to homeschool is increasingly difficult- I guess my 'full time job' interferes too.

  2. It is all about taking care of yourself! Sporadic posts are okay too!

    P.S. love that coat.

  3. Just when I find you...

    take care of yourself.



  4. Ooh...love that coat Lenore! It's perfect :) I think we're both on a the same leather-wavelength because I just posted pics of my new Danier Purse!
    I am so glad you're taking the break you need and deserve. No matter how sporadic, I will look forward to each and every post! I'll never forget to check in on you! xo Amy

  5. Oh dear Lenore, what a sweet post! Look, all of us have lives, and surely for most of us, blogging is not central to our lives, just a small part of it, which is how it should be (unless you are the authors of YHL!) I have never been able to post regularly, and certainly not as regularly as I would like. I am trying to run a business, and a home, and bring up two young children (one of whom asks around 17000 questions a day, lol). That is kinda tiring ;) But I still have readers, and get sweet comments from the same loyal group of readers when I do post. I started blogging for fun and I intend to keep it that way...it shouldn't be a chore and it shouldn't stress you out. You take care of yourself, and like Cassie said, we will still be here :)

    xx Karen

  6. Lenore, don't feel bad for one second. I, too, have found it hard to keep in mind that blogging - while fun - isn't one of the most important things in my own life. I now blog when there's something I feel compelled to share, and don't worry too much about it when I don't. Life just get busier and fuller, and things naturally get rearranged.

    And I'll also share a little secret - I don't know if others feel this way, but I follow enough awesome blogs that when posting on any of them slows down, I generally feel a bit relieved - it's hard to keep up with all the blogs I love when they post so frequently. Quality over quantity - it's a cliche for good reason!

    Take care of yourself and enjoy your new freedom :)

  7. Of course Lenore, you MUST take care of yourself first. I'll still look forward to your posts whether they happen daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. Great coat too. It should protect you from the harsh Canadian winter :)

  8. Hey girl! You'll certainly be missed - but hope you're feeling better, and not too overwhelmed at work to blog occasionally ;)

  9. I can totally relate. I posted my own blogging epiphany recently. Do what feels right for you. We will be here :)


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