18 October 2012

Oversized Cozy

I swear this may be the perfect sweater. With its beiges and greys, it's a neutral. With its pops of cobalt and tomato, it's a statement. And it goes with dang everything in my closet! Love the oversize dolman shape, love that it's not so long that it's frumpy, love that it was 50% off at The Bay...

The so-called 'rules' say that my body type should wear fitted, belted tops with wide leg pants to balance out my bits...but I say forget that - you'll be seeing me in flowy tops and slim-legged pants all season long :)

black top: Old Navy
cobalt flats: Town Shoes (purchased on sale)

Do you have a favourite sweater? It's pouring rain here and all I can think about is warm, snuggly knits...I'd love to hear about your fave friends!


  1. Love the outfit you're rockin' Lenore. I received a knit sweater hand-me-down from my cousin and it's my absolute FAV right now. It's in the laundry pile right now, but as soon as it's washed I'm putting it back on. ;)


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