26 March 2010

It's time to give this blogging thing an honest go of it. As a full-time copywriter, it can be tricky to muster up the time and energy to do any writing in my spare time. So to flex my writing muscle and bite off something I can chew, I'm going to start a blog. It was tough to hone in on one particular subject (because doesn't everyone want to hear what I think about everything??), but I'm going to just dive in and see where it takes me. Some of my main interests are trying new cooking recipes, shopping for cute clothes, reading self-help books, watching bad reality television, love, building a relationship with my dog, renovating, researching for the best bargain on anything, selling my old crap on Ebay, trying to stay in touch with wondeful girlfriends scattered across the country and figuring out the best ways to be happy as much as humanly possible. Well it's a start anyways...hope you enjoy!

Written with love,

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