27 March 2010

Aloha from my house

Saturday mornings are de-lightful. I love to putter around my house, tidying up and drinking coffee and generally passing the time in super relax mode. We bought a lovely little house in the fall and I think I fall in love with it more every day. Since I am drawn to the beach lifestyle, the house colour palette is - of course - blues and greens and greys and sand colours.

I happen to have a great work friend named Brooke who happens to have taken a year off to live in Hawaii. I know, this makes it hard for you to like Brooke but trust me...she's awesome and she deserves this. At our Fusion office Christmas party, we did secret Santa gifts that were either local or we had made (the designers definitely had the gifts everyone coveted). Brooke drew my name and painted me the most amazing piece of art to fit into my beach decor. Even though she had never seen my house, she got my style bang on. I've been wanting to take a shot of Brooke's art in my living room to send to her in Hawaii but I thought you could all enjoy it! Happy Saturday morning!

Written with love,


  1. Awww Lenore, so sweet of you :) I get to be part of your 2nd post ever! The painting does look good in your cute home - so glad it worked out.

    One day I'll actually visit your place and we can have a nice glass of cold white wine and catch up!

    Miss ya XO Brooke

  2. Great painting. I love how you describe what seems like a perfect Saturday morning to me. I feel relaxed just reading it.

  3. Now if only I could re-create that feeling of relaxation on a MONDAY morning!! Was your trip to Cuba relaxing? Can't wait to see pics...



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