12 December 2012

Curvy Fit Review: American Eagle Knit Jeggings

When I find something I love...I have an instinct to want to share it. Especially when it comes to clothing items for my hard-to-fit body. If I'm struggling - odds are someone else is too, right? Well I decided to go a little more in depth on some of my purchases and share more details with you - so you can get a better of sense if this is an item that might work for you. Sound cool? 

Well I'm starting with the American Eagle Knit Jeggings. You've seen me in these before, but here's some more info on what I like about them (and why I own them in 3 colours - ha!). In the actual AE store, the jeans and pants only go to size 14, but online you can order most styles in 16, 18 and XXL. They are by far my favourite denim for quality to cost ratio. Plus their styles are super modern and I don't get that excess bulk in the thighs, hips or butt that sometimes come with plus sizes, these are more of a juniors cut larger.

These are the burgundy (or oxblood if you're feeling trendy) colour. I also have the navy and charcoal. They are a true jegging, thicker than a cotton legging but much thinner than denim and softer. They have side seams, back pockets and a front zip placket, just like denim. I wouldn't feel comfortable in a shorter top with them but they're perfect with tunics, long shirts and slouchy cardigans. I invested in a few pairs because my office is not very denim-friendly except on Fridays. So I wanted some subtle colour on the bottom but I can't stand dress pants. Just not for me.

I have a few pairs of AE's skinny jeans in size 16 but for these knit jeggings, I sized up to an 18. I have a small hip/waist ratio, so I needed the bigger size for the bigger waist. If you're more of an hourglass, a 16 would be just fine. The material is very stretchy and comfortable and maintains it's shape fairly well throughout the day (no huge butt or knee bagging). These are 'long' length and as you can see they just hit my ankle, granted I'm 5'11" but be wary of length. I've washed AND dried my knit jeggings and they really don't shrink much at all so super easy maintenance.

knit jeggings - AE (buy here)
denim t-shirt - Old Navy (buy here)
camel cardigan - Gap (buy similar here)
brown suede loafers - JCrew (buy here)
necklace - Target

A few final notes on shipping - you can order from the AE website and I always watch for free shipping weekends and discounts (sign up for emails or check the site often) to keep my costs down. They're currently offering free shipping + 40% off everything! You pay a small amount of duty on your order and I've never had to pay customs fees, but my orders are usually less than $50 or $60. The downside is if you have to return something, it can't go back to the store. You have to mail it back, which usually costs under $10 and is returned to a Canadian address. I've returned items and it takes about a month to get a refund to your credit card.

Hope this helps friends! Let me know if you like the more detailed reviews and I'll keep them up. Or if you have any other questions, don't be shy and drop me a line. Have a lovely week!


  1. Thanks for your review! I'm always on the search for some nice stretchy pants, especially in different colors. I think I'm going to go to the store and try these out!

    Love your blog. I'm now you newest follower, and have added you to my daily greader. I look forward to more of your posts!

    1. So glad it helped Michelle and thanks for your nice comments - great to have you!


  2. ohh love the outfit! I just love american eagle!

  3. Love these. They look fantastic on you, dear!

  4. They look great on you!

    They look similar to the Hue Ponte Knit jeggings I picked up at The Bay, although the Hue ones are more expensive at $50. I own 3 pairs of capris and one pair of regular length. Love them!

  5. i love this outfit! it reminds me of my favourite outfit of my own :) i love denim shirts! (but not jeans?)

  6. Hey!! I liked quality of this jegging and it really looks good. Have seen a reputed online store that is having sale on workout leggings. So will buy them from that store only. Hope they will be really comfortable for my workout. Will order them soon.


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