03 February 2015

Life Lately & My Monkey

Hello friends! Whew...that was a long break to say the least. And I might still be on a blogging break because life is fairly busy right now. But this blog is like an old, long-distance friend. I think of her often, she's always with me and I miss her desperately. So I'm popping in for a little update.  And I will whenever the mood strikes :)

What's new? Oh nothing...I just have a 15 month old now! Huck is keeping me busy with walking, talking and generally being adorable. I went back to work full-time in October at the University of Manitoba (I manage the social media channels), Huck spends his days in a delightful, small home daycare nearby and I'm continuing a second job I started while on maternity leave - blogging for St. Vital Centre's style blog Spark. It's a juggle, but a good one.

I am the most active over on Instagram, so if you want to catch up more regularly - you can visit me over there. For now, here are a few pics of my little monkey...


  1. Adorable! They sure keep us busy but life without them isn't as exciting

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