04 May 2013

Bump Style Peek: apricot cardi + black maxi dress {16 weeks}

I think this apricot/dark peach colour may just be my fave of the season (watch for a few more items in upcoming posts!). I'm not in love with pastels overall as a spring/summer colour trend but I can get behind some bright sunshine-y shades! Last year I was really into the bright coral and I think if work within the same palette, you can mix and match without worrying about 'what goes together'. Case in point - my apricot cardigan, pinkish-coral necklace and bright coral flats. This is a good wardrobe tip as well,  if you love oranges or greens or blues...they often work well together - just give it a try!

Maxi dresses....oh how I love you. I always really liked you since I'm tall but being pregnant has me gravitating toward this easy piece on a daily basis. A soft, knit maxi dress that drapes and swirls around your body making you feel easy and bohemian, free and still covered up = awesome. Have you been feeling the maxi dresses lately? I love how mainstream they've become and how many selections there are.

black maxi dress: Loft (old)

In other news, we are nesting big time! We've cleaned out the to-be nursery room and Jack has patched and painted it. I picked out a soft grayish-white and I'm thinking grey/cream/navy/coral for the colour palette...it's going to be 'rustic' themed and gender neutral. Any other ideas?

Plus, we bought out new Ikea kitchen last night! After 3 long trips working with the online kitchen planner, we finally pulled the trigger and now have...oh about 643 perfectly flat packed boxes sitting in our spare room. Awesome and overwhelming at the same time! 

What's new in your world? Hopefully you're enjoying this gorgeous weather we're FINALLY having if you're in Winnipeg.


  1. I love a maxi dress! This looks like such a comfy and cute outfit! And I love the idea of your colour scheme for the baby's room! Sounds perfect.

  2. I love the colour of this cardi! I think maxi dresses are perfect for baby bumps. You look radiant!

  3. Adorbs! I lived in my fave black maxi when I was preggers!


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