14 April 2013

Bump Style Peek: bright tunic + black leggings {week 13}

Happy weekend everyone! I hope you're having a good one. Things are good over here as I move into my second trimester. 

But can we talk about pregnancy dressing for a minute? Let's just say this is opening up a whole new style challenge for me. Everything is getting a bit bigger due to pregnancy bloating (yay!) and baby growth in general. My pants still fit but I can't handle the waistband pressure all day at work so I've made the leap to some comfier bottoms. 

After a day trip down to Grand Forks last weekend, I have a few new items to tide me over for a while. This Target tunic is not maternity but I bought it one size bigger and it's a gem: a nice comfy elastic waist and plenty of room for a growing tummy. The leggings are from Target as well and well....let's just say they were SUPPOSED to be full length but they've ended up more like crops. Oh well, hazard of being tall! I have a feeling this is going to be a bit of a uniform going forward....

white cardigan: Gap (old)
suede loafers: J.Crew (last season)
leather braided belt: American Eagle Outfitters

Truth is, this is a lot of the types of clothing I usually wear - since I'm an apple body shape. I've been doing a deep dive into my closet this weekend to figure out what will work going forward and what needs to be packed away in hopes of fitting again one day!

Do you mamas out there have any advice or recommendations for me when it comes to pregnancy dressing? I'd love to hear your tips and tricks!


  1. I know you mentioned you can't stand the pressure of your waist band so this might or might not work. Have you ever heard of the Bellaband?

    I used it during my first pregnancy but couldn't stand it during my second.

    Also, if you're looking for some pregnancy fashions, try out Bellies In Bloom Maternity:

    They're based Victoria BC. They ship anywhere and I love their customer Service.

    Mel Stanlake
    Victoria, BC

  2. I was pregnant last year and since I hate wearing maternity clothes, I mostly bought stretchy tunics and tunic shirts that I knew would fit me till the end and beyond.

  3. Congratulations Lenore!!! I already *love* your wardrobe and style, but I'm especially excited to see your outfits during pregnancy :) So happy for you!!
    Love Leigh-Ann

  4. Love the colour of that pretty tunic!


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